Dr. Palmer

drpalmerAs a fellow practicing dentist in the Rochester area I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

The practice I have established is unique in the sense that I provide dental health care to patients whose overwhelming fear has prevented them from seeking treatment- (patients I'm sure you have encountered). Their fear of needles or the sound of the drill has been a problem both to the practitioner and themselves.

Pain-free dentistry is an option for nervous or apprehensive patients with the use of IV sedation.  Dentistry under IV sedation can also benefit the physically and mentally challenged, gaggers, and those patients allergic to local anesthetics. We do up to five hours of dental work in one sitting. Age groups include restless two year olds to those over 80. Dental procedures include preventative, basic,endodontics, major - including restorative work on implants.

My solution rests with my dual qualifications as both a dentist and an anesthesiologist. As former assistant professor in the department of dentistry and department of anesthesia at the Medical College of Ohio, I have first-hand knowledge of the benefits of combining these sciences. It is this synthesis that I am applying to my practice.

I look forward to sharing any additional information with you. Please feel free to contact me by phone or in person.



  • The IV sedation provided by Dr. Palmer makes caring for our children's dental needs less stressful for them and for us. Without the professional and understanding support of Dr. Palmer and his staff we are not sure how we would care for our children's dental needs.
    Mr. & Mrs. B - Parents of two Children with Autism
  • "I don't worry about dental visits anymore! My boys feel comfortable and happy with Dr. P. He's great with kids with special needs... and great with moms who worry a lot!"
    Elizabeth C
    Mom of two boys with autism

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